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Theophilus’ Quest

This resource is also available in PDF format.

Welcome to Theophilus’ Quest

Theophilus’ Quest is an attempt to convey the basics of Christianity in a simple and straight-forward way. Drawing upon the imagery from one of Jesus’ parables (Luke 15:11-24 Pleeease take the time to read the story) … I think we are all prodigals who have taken our inheritance and wandered from home in an attempt to find our own way in life. We are all co-travellers walking the same road that has its origin and its destination in God, our heavenly Father and Creator. Some of us are still journeying away from home; others are at that in-between place of turning; and still others of us are making our way back to our heavenly Father’s welcoming embrace.

Wherever we are on life’s journey, we need wise guides and true companions. I hope that Theo helps you on your way …

Happy Travelling!
Stephen Wilson (2005)
[email protected]

Theophilus’ Quest will take us through seven stages of discovery

  1. Is God For Real?
    Some of us have been away from home for so long that we have forgotten where we came from!
  2. The Bible: Postcards from Home
    Our Father has never given up on loving us and reminding us of our true identity!
  3. Who Is Jesus?
    We have wandered so far and for so long … we are hopelessly lost and we need a rescuer!
  4. I’m OK – Well, Not Really!
    The journey away from home … if we live an illusion long enough it begins to feel like reality!
  5. We Needed Some Good News!
    Learning life’s hard lesson about our own powerlessness and accepting our need for grace leads us to freedom!
  6. Turning and Returning
    … and the prodigal came to himself and resolved to return to his Father to beg for his forgiveness.
  7. The Journey Home
    … while the prodigal was still a long way off, his Father saw him and felt compassion, ran to him and embraced him … let us celebrate for my child was dead, and is alive again!

Finding our way around the Bible

Theo will sometimes refer to something said in the Bible. The Bible is regarded by Christians to be the word of God – our “street directory” for understanding and navigating life’s journey back to our Father.

Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your law. I am but a foreigner here on earth, I need the guidance of your commands … You made me; You created me. Now give me the sense to follow your word
(Psalm 119:18-19, 73)

If you are not familiar with the Bible, these tips may be helpful:

The Bible is divided into books (the Bible is actually a library of 66 books sorted into two parts: the Old Testament – the first 39 books, beginning with creation and following the history of Israel to about 400 BC; and the New Testament – the next 27 books, beginning with the birth of Jesus Christ through to the development of Jesus’ church to about 100 AD). Each book is divided into chapters and verses. This arrangement makes it easier to find specific parts of the Bible.

Bible references are usually stated this way: Name of the book, followed by a chapter number, followed by the number of a verse (or verses).

For example: Genesis 1:1-2 refers to the book called Genesis, chapter one, verses one and two. It becomes easy with a little practise.