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The Point Church



Following are a selection of publications from The Point. You are free to use these articles for non-commercial purposes according with our copyright terms.

2022 Retreat: The Best Question Ever?

Here is the program for the 2022 Retreat: The Best Question Ever?

What is The Point?

What is distinctive about The Point?

Member Spiritual Gifts and Talents Analysis

Theophilus’ Quest

Theophilus’ Quest is an attempt to convey the basics of Christianity in a simple and straight-forward way.

Leadership and Ministry Overview

Sunday Discussion & Prayer Small Groups

The Rationale for the Point Church’s Sunday Morning Small Groups.

Membership Ethos

The ethos behind the family at The Point.

APEDS 2018

Session videos from the APEDS 2018 conference.

PNG Mission 2018 Report

A report of the PNG Mission Trip in June/July 2018.

Christian Beware: Going Beyond What Is Written